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Come experience the best in wireless VR!

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Come experience the best in wireless VR!

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Find out what the gaming community is raving about – Virtual Reality.

Ever wanted to feel what it’s like to wield a light saber, fly a plane, or swim with sea turtles? Or, perhaps you would rather take a trip to Antarctica in search of a lost colony of penguins. Great adventures await!

For Star Wars fans, one minute, you could be training how to use a light saber, the next, you might be trying to repair a spaceship with a chatty robot – all before getting captured and going-on to fight side-by-side with Vader himself. What? Side-by-side? Yeah, he needs to keep you alive for something sinister. But, don’t let yourself be swayed to the dark side!

Did the Antarctic trip catch your attention? If so, you’ll get to hop in a kayak exploring around to find a common landing, before scaling a huge glacier to reach the upper-shelf. From there, you’ll rummage thru supplies to find a sleeping bag and bed-down for the night in a small tent to wait out a wind-storm. But, in the morning, you’ll need to find those penguins!

These and many more games and other experiences are waiting for you at Legacy Arcade. See below for a list of popular VR apps ready for you to launch. And, we’re constantly adding more. You can focus on one experience at a time or try them all. How you use your VR session is up to you.

Reservations are not required, but recommended. Two VR headsets can be made available with enough advance notice.

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